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Michael Teeuw was out shopping with his girlfriend, when he noticed a display mirror with illuminated lighting. Being one of those people. In this project I will show you how I made a Magic Mirror that shows the date, time, some news and a little phrase at the bottom. You will use a Raspberry Pi. MagicMirror ². The open source modular smart mirror platform. MagicMirror² is the winner in the official Raspberry Pi magazine's 50th issue celebration feature. It's installed easy with the command " sudo apt-get install chromium xxserver-utils unclutter " in the terminal. Unplug the Raspberry, take the SD-card and plug it in to your computer. I also cut the "frame" in the front in an angle, just because I like it. Related Smart Mirror by raspberry pi by bastynator. If you didn't get any instructions, you can search for " apply mirror film " on YouTube for good instructions! Well, unfortunately I don't know about the mirrors. It could be done whenever you want basically during the project, but it's usually good to do in the beginning so you have one less cord to worry about. Place the screen behind it and plug Ursprünglich ist der Spiegel mit HTML, CSS, JS und PHP programmiert. You can usually find him saying other such silly things on Twitter. Für die Entwicklung und zum Aufspielen der App auf ein Raspberry Pi ist eine Version von Microsofts Visual Studio nötig.

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Wen es wirklich Interessiert oder wer das ganze Nachbauen möchte, findet unter diesem Link eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung. So share a link in the comments below. He even set up a MirrorMirror forum for any help you need. In just a week of using it, we cut our energy consumption in half. Habe ich ja auch gemacht. One question though, does it require a large screen display? Subscribe to Our Newsletter Email: This will rotate the screen 90 degrees in the other direction. Ich brauche zwar so etwas nicht, aber trotzdem erkenne ich dein Können. The screen will be rotated when you restart the Raspberry. There are tons of cool stuff here at instructables!

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Touchscreen Smart Mirror magic mirror raspberry Könntest du den wieder aktualisieren? About Us Who We Are Advertise Contact Jobs Help. Es gab sowohl auf Seiten der Hardware, als auch auf Seiten der Software einige Erweiterung, die ich hier mal zusammenfasse: Das Display selbst kann über eine Web-App gesteuert werden, die auf Microsofts IoT-Hub Azure aufbaut. The perfect place for you to start. Am i doing something wrong or should i just accept the reflection isn't as bright as a normal mirror. Ryan Newlan made the absolute best smart mirror we have seen so far. Ja das geht auch mit Spiegelfolie. Digitales High-five, deine t3n-Redaktion. Elektronikpraxis Tagesnewsletter abonnieren E-Mail: Dazu braucht der Gast lediglich ein Smartphone. After a suggestion by Hansaplast in the comments, here is a link for people who uses Mac.